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Welcome to a PRELUDE of Europeans future!

Will our traditional rural landscapes still exist in 30 years time? Will the countryside be a lively place, or a desert? Will agriculture have a future? 

PRELUDE (PRospective Envrionmental analysis of Land Use Development in Europe) explores what European landscapes may look like 30 years from now and beyond. Instead of making predictions, it tackles the vast uncertainties of the distant future by analysing a range of plausible developments. As a result, five contrasting futures are depicted in a set of coherent scenarios.They have been developed using an innovative approach, that triggers the imagination of knowledgeable stakeholders and underpins their ideas with state-of-the-art land use models. A highly visual and interactive presentation tool has been developed in a demo-version and will be officially launched later this year; here several screenshots already give a first flavour. published 22 March 2006

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